EWATT intelligent UAV system

EWATT Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading Chinese supplier of industry grade UAV systems: fixed wing UAVs, multirotor and unmanned helicopters. Dedicated teams of engineers work at every stage from early research & design, through manufacturing, and after sales support to bring the best quality product and service to our clients and partners.

Onboard equipment

EWATT offers customized airborne equipment for industrial application: EO/IR UV camera, LiDAR systems, optical pod, night vision equipment, lighting modules, megaphones and other specialized equipment.

Patented innovations

EWATT has successfully applied for over 200 patents pertaining to the UAVs core technologies: structural design, flight control systems, composite unibody manufacturing, propulsion systems, load applications and flight testing.

Flight service and technical support


Ewatt Power

Providing better products and services to power companies over the world is the constant pursuit of Ewatt Power. Looking far into the future, we are determined to be an international brand by upholding the strategy and operation philosophy of “professional technologies, products and services”.