EWATT was founded on the idea of deriving the best practices of the East and West, and this philosophy is refl ected in the company’s Chinese name and English translation.

In English version, “E” stands for “electric” as in e-mail, symbolizing the digital solutions that have simplified our everyday life. “WATT” refers to the memory of James Watt, the inventor of the steam engine, who sparked the Industrial Revolution that led to the automatization of the modern world.

The company’s Chinese name, (pronounced Yi-wa-te), is made up of the Chinese character (Yi) and (Wa-te). “Yi” refers to the characters YiJing and name of the Chinese book known in the West as Book of Changes.“Wate” is a direct translation of the great inventor’s name into Chinese.Therefore, the name EWATT signifies the philosophy of combining the best of what China and the West have to offer to build innovative UAV systems that revolutionize the way industrial users conduct their daily operations.

Established in 2010, EWATT Technology – the parent company of EWATT Group and EWATT Aerospace – is a stock listed company with headquarters located in Wuhan, China. Currently, EWATT operates a network of offices, subsidiaries, and partnerships, that include:
• Global Headquarters located in Zurich, Switzerland
• Commercial offices in California and Hong Kong
• Two Research & Development offices in Italy

EWATT operates a number of subsidiaries that develop technologies and solutions complementary to EWATT’s UAVs. This allows EWATT Group to offer clients with complete UAV solutions, including UTM system, geo-fencing, and AI data processing.
The most notable subsidiaries operated under the EWATT Group umbrella include:
• U-Cloud– Developed the first and by far most successful UTM (UAV Traffic Management system) in China. This country-wide system links individual and corporate drone users with the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).
• CathayNAV– Offers the XiangFei platform – a geo-fencing system for corporate users.
• Huarui– Developed the artificial intelligence AiXpert engine – a distributed, scalable solution for big data collection, storing, and analyzing based on both machine learning and deep-learning technologies.
• EWATT Flight Services– Offers UAV flight, data acquisition, and processing services. Over the last 3 years, EWATT flight services inspected over 25,000 power lines.
• UAV Pilot Academy– The first UAV Pilot training center in China certified by the Civilian Aircraft Association of China (CAAC) and internationally recognized by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA).

EWATT was established in China, hence a substantial part of its R&D is conducted by a team of Chinese experts in the Wuhan, China headquarters. Early after the company’s conception , engineers from both the United States and Europe joined forces with EWATT in the effort to develop heavy-duty aircrafts that would meet the requirements of the industrial and surveillance drone use.

Currently, EWATT developing operates two R&D offices in Italy that specialize in alternative power units(including gas-powered engines and hybrid power units), VTOL fixed wings, and heavy-payload gas-powered variable pitch multirotor aircrafts.

EWATT internally develops and manufactures the most critical parts for their systems in-house, including airframes, fuselage, gas powered engines, power generators for hybrid systems, fl ight controllers, and ground control stations (GCS). By overseeing all steps of the production process internally, from designing to manufacturing and testing, EWATT maintains the consistency and quality of its products.

EWATT headquarters is based in Wuhan, China. Currently, EWATT is completing the construction of a 46000 ㎡UAV Industrial Park located one hour away from the Wuhan Airport. The UAV Industrial Park is going meet the growing demand for the industrial-grade UAVs and will allow EWATT to manufacture aircrafts on a massive scale. The UAV Industrial Park will serve many purposes including:
• Mass production (assembly) of UAVs.
• Metal component manufacturing.
• Composite material and molding work.
• Testing facilities.
• Research & Development offices.
• UAV Pilot Academy.

EWATT cooperates with a number of major Chinese enterprises. Through these partnerships EWATT has provided the following solutions:
• Huawei– Face recognition identification solutions for surveillance purposes.
• China Mobile– Innovative solutions for inspecting telecom infrastructure with drones.
• State Grid– power grid inspection services to the largest power utility in the world, including over 25,000 km of power lines.
• XinhuaNET– Fleet of UAVs and broadcasting vans for the biggest online news agency in China.