EWZ-S8 II is the newest addition to the EWATT EWZ octocopter family. Mini 2 protected with a number of patents boasts comparably better flight endurance at the heavy payloads than most of the UAVs in its class.

    The newest generation of the S8 octocopter incorporates the unique dual-redundant flight control system, and multiple intelligent protective systems translating onto the reliable flights even in the most demanding conditions. The variety of missions where S8 mini 2 and its predecessors were applied has fueled R&D and after-sales teams creativity in effort to provide a number of customized solutions. S8 mini and mini 2 have gained recognition of the biggest industrial drone end-users in China whose requirements could not otherwise have been met by the standard one-fit-all solutions available on the market.

    Product Features:
    1) state of art autonomous flight control system
    2) ability to carry different payloads and to change them quickly
    3) coaxial booms equipped with 8x850W motors for the improved flight stability even in in the rain a and winds up to 12m/s
    4) ability to land safely with just 5 of 8 motors or propellers working
    5) manual and autonomous flight modes, ability to modify the flight route and settings in real-time

    Airframe structure

    • Modular Design

    • 360° View

    • Reliability

    • All-weather

    • Modularity of Mini 2's design allows users to change most of the components, including payloads, easily in a short time. It also simplifies aircrafts maintenance and reliability, as each module passes

    • Retractable landing gear and high-precision stabilisation platform realises 360° camera view, enabling user to take shoot at any angel required.

    • Dual-redundant coaxial structure and flight position protection system provide advanced reliability and safety of a flight even during the most demanding missions.

    • Composite fuselage and industrial design allow Mini 2 to perform missions in the most unfavourable conditions, including rain and strong wind.

    Detailed parameters

    Overall Size700 x 700 x 475mm
    Shipping Container600 × 440 × 475mm
    MaterialAluminium Alloy,Fiber-glass, Carbon Fibre
    Self Weight4.5kg
    Payload Capacity5.5kg
    Max Endurance (No Load)32min
    Max Flight Distance12km
    Max Flight Altitude500m
    Max Cruising Speed60km/h
    Maximum flight altitude off sea level1000m
    Max Take Off Altitude5200m
    Max Horsepower8 x 850W
    Power SourceLithium-polymer Battery
    Battery Capacity22AH
    Taking off & LandingVTOL
    Working Temperature-30℃~+50℃
    Anti Wind CapabilityLevel6
    Wind resistance12 m/s
    Waterproof levelIP45
    Hovering AccuracyHorizontal 1m,Vertical 1.5m